"Three women in profile (1890-1900)", Henry Somm

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About the Artwork

“Three Women in Profile (1890-1900)” by Henry Somm is a captivating glimpse into the elegance of a bygone era.

Emerging from the mid-19th century in France, Somm was a master of intricate details and vibrant colors. In this exquisite painting, three women stand in profile, their silhouettes etched with grace and mystery. The play of light on their faces hints at untold stories—their eyes, lips, and delicate features revealing layers of emotion. The rich blues and crimson evoke a sense of refinement, while the subtle brushwork adds depth to their forms.

Imagine this print gracing your wall, inviting contemplation and curiosity. It’s more than art; it’s an invitation to step into the enigmatic world of these timeless women. 

Product Features

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Product Specifications

  • Built Solid and Ready to Hang
  • Artist-Grade Canvas Fade-Resistant Archival Inks
  • Patented, Warp-Resistant Construction Hard-Sealed Back (No Dust or Staples)
  • Printed and assembled in the USA


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