"The New York Sunday World", Frank King

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About the Artwork

“The New York Sunday World” by Frank King invites you into a captivating world of vintage charm.

This delightful artwork, originally published in 1896, exudes the spirit of a bygone era. The bold typography at the top, rendered in vibrant red letters, announces the newspaper’s name, while below, the date “Sunday Jan. 26” adds a touch of nostalgia. The central illustration remains tantalizingly obscured, leaving room for imagination. Two whimsical figures grace the corners, and beneath them, golden flowers bloom against a red background. The text promises a feast for readers: “Striking Features! Beautiful Pictures! Howling Humor!” And don’t forget to “NOTIFY YOUR NEWSDEALER NOW.” As a premium print, this piece becomes a time capsule—a window into the bustling streets of old New York, where ink-stained presses spun tales of intrigue and wonder.

Hang it proudly in your space, and let “The New York Sunday World” be your connection to a rich journalistic heritage.