"Holy Face of Jesus from Shroud of Turin (1909)", Secondo Pia

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About the Artwork

Holy Shroud Of Turin Face Of Christ Life size Celine Sister Genevieve 1909 grand prix of the international exposition of religious art bois-le-duc (Holland). Shroud of Turin has been publicly displayed by Roman Catholics at least since the 16th century, the faint image of the Holy Face on it can not be clearly seen with the naked eye and was only observed with the advent of photography.

In 1898, amateur Italian photographer Secondo Pia was startled by the negative of the image in his darkroom as he was developing the first photograph of the shroud. The happenstance by which Secondo Pia received the Kings approval to attempt the first photograph of the Shroud for an exhibition was unusual in its own right. And Pia later said that on the evening of May 28, 1898 he almost dropped and broke the photographic plate in the darkroom from the shock of seeing the image of a face on the Shroud (for the first time ever) that could not have been clearly observed with the naked eye. It was in fact a masterpiece, which in March 1909, won the Grand Prix of the International Exposition of Religious Art of Bois-le-Duc, in Holland.

The picture, of incontestable nobility in its tragic realism, has been popularized by millions and millions of copies. The saintly Pius X, on being shown the picture, contemplated it at length, murmuring several times: "How beautiful it is!" and added, with his usual kindness, "I want to give a souvenir to the religious who made that." He sent her a large bronze medal with his portrait engraved in relief. Need we say she appreciated this more than having her work being accepted for exhibition at the Salon (the annual French art exhibition)

This iconic artwork, “Holy Face of Jesus from Shroud of Turin (1909)” by Secondo Pia, captures the profound spirituality and mystery surrounding one of the most revered relics in Christian faith. The artwork is a photographic negative of the Shroud of Turin, which is believed to be the burial cloth of Jesus Christ. The meticulous detail and haunting beauty of this piece offer a glimpse into the ethereal, inviting reflection and reverence. Adorn your space with this mesmerizing print, a testament to faith and artistry intertwined, evoking an ambiance of sacred tranquility.

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