Sir Leslie Matthew Ward, known by the pseudonyms "Spy" and "Drawl", was a British portrait artist and caricaturist who painted 1,325 portraits over four decades, regularly published by Vanity Fair. His work ranged from caricatures with distorted body proportions to more realistic "characteristic portraits". Born into a family of artists, Ward exhibited his work as early as his school days at Eton College. Despite an initial foray into architecture, he eventually joined the Royal Academy Schools in London in 1871. His work for Vanity Fair began in 1873 and spanned a wide array of subjects, including politicians, authors, judges, musicians, and generals. His influence was so profound that all Vanity Fair caricatures are sometimes referred to as "Spy cartoons" regardless of the actual artist. Ward's work has had a significant cultural impact, shaping the genre of caricature and leaving a lasting legacy in the art world.