Jacques Le Moyne de Morgues (c. 1533–1588) was a French artist and member of Jean Ribault's expedition to the New World. Born in Dieppe, France, he was likely trained as an artist in his hometown, a notable center for cartography and illumination at the time. His life's work includes some of the earliest Western images of the peoples and customs of Florida, which he created during his time with the French expedition to North America in 1564. This expedition aimed to establish new Protestant colonies in Florida. Although the mission was unsuccessful, Le Moyne's work as a cartographer and artist has had an extraordinary historical impact. His depictions of Native American life and culture, colonial life, and plants are considered some of the most accessible data about the cultures of the Southeastern Coastal United States. However, many of these depictions and maps are currently being questioned by historians and archaeologists as to their authenticity. Le Moyne's work is celebrated for its scientific accuracy and aesthetic beauty, and he is regarded as one of the most gifted botanical artists of his age. His contributions to art and history continue to be studied and appreciated today.