A key figure in the Neo-Impressionist movement, Cross's paintings are known for their bright, dappled color and light, often depicting tranquil scenes of the French countryside. Works like "Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean" and "The Pink Cloud" exhibit his mastery of the pointillist technique. However, it's his painting "The Pink Cloud" that showcases a different side of his artistry. While still vibrant and luminous, this painting moves beyond strict pointillism, employing expressive brushstrokes and larger color blocks to capture the dynamic movement and drama of a dramatic sunset. The titular pink cloud, awash in hues of orange, purple, and violet, dominates the composition, its swirling form contrasting with the cool blues and greens of the distant landscape. "The Pink Cloud" is a testament to Cross's evolution as an artist, pushing the boundaries of Neo-Impressionism while retaining his signature use of light and color to create a truly captivating scene. Cross's paintings are an excellent choice for those who appreciate the interplay of light, color, and nature.