Explore the Fascinating World of Ellen Isham Schutt Art Prints

Are you captivated by botanical beauty and exquisite watercolor illustrations? Our curated collection of Ellen Isham Schutt prints invites you to immerse yourself in the delicate world of fruits and nuts. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking unique decor, our gallery offers a diverse range of options.

Why Choose Ellen Isham Schutt Prints?

  1. Botanical Mastery: Schutt meticulously captured the essence of fruits and nuts in over 700 watercolors for the United States Department of Agriculture. Her subjects ranged from the common (apples, hickory nuts) to the then-exotic (bael, custard apple, cashew nuts). Each watercolor showcases her precise and rather dry style, resulting in images that at times look more like drawings than paintings.

  2. Canvas and Paper Options: Select from our canvas prints or premium paper prints. Whether you prefer the texture of canvas or the classic feel of paper, each piece retains the intricate details and vibrant colors of Schutt’s original watercolors.

  3. Educational and Aesthetic: Schutt’s work not only celebrates natural beauty but also serves as a valuable resource for understanding fruit varieties, damage from molds and insects, and effects of long storage and packaging. Her USDA watercolors are signed ‘E.I. Schutt’.