Conradijn Cunaeus was a Dutch artist, born in 1828 in Dendermonde. He was primarily known for his portraits of dogs. Cunaeus trained at the Academy in Amsterdam from 1844 to 1849 and studied under Nicolas Pieneman, a Dutch landscapist and portraitist. In 1850, he became a part of the "Arti et Amicitiae" group in Amsterdam. He lived in Kouderouk aan de Rijn and Amsterdam before settling in Nieuwer-Amstel. He exhibited at the Hague and in Amsterdam between 1847 and 1884. One of his notable works includes the "Portrait of Edwin vom Rath’s Pug" from around 1880 to 1895. His cultural impact is significant as his unique focus on dog portraiture offered a fresh perspective in the art world, capturing the intimate bond between humans and their pets.