Robert Falcucci (1900-1989) was a French illustrator known for his diverse and impactful body of work. Born in Châteauroux, France, he was introduced to drawing and painting at a young age and later studied at the Ecole Normale Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. Falcucci’s career spanned several decades and industries, from directing advertising pages for the Renault car company in the 1920s to designing decorations for the Boeing 707 in the 1960s. He also made significant contributions to the world of fashion, working for couturier Paul Poiret and illustrating for luxury industries and shops. His work in the film industry included designing the official program of the Cannes Film Festival in 1967. Falcucci’s illustrations, particularly his travel posters, have been recognized for their vibrant and captivating style, earning him a place in exhibitions such as the Museum of Modern Art’s “Full Steam Ahead: Ocean Travel Posters, 1930s”. His cultural impact is evident in the enduring popularity of his works and his influence on the fields of illustration, advertising, and design.