L. Prang & Co. was founded by Louis Prang, a German immigrant who arrived in the United States in 1850. He learned the art of lithography from his business partner, Julius Mayer, and in 1860, he bought out his partner to establish L. Prang & Co. The company specialized in high-quality reproductions of major artwork and greeting cards using the complex technique of chromolithography. Prang is often referred to as the 'Father of the American Christmas Card' because holiday cards were rarely exchanged in America until his factory began producing them in the 1870s.

In terms of cultural impact, Prang's innovations in printing and his commitment to art education have left a lasting legacy. His chromolithographs brought art into the homes of ordinary people, making it more accessible and popular. Furthermore, his belief in the importance of art education led him to establish a comprehensive training program for public school art teachers, thereby influencing generations of students and shaping the American art education system. His company, Prang, continues to inspire creative expression by offering superior products that deliver an unparalleled experience..

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