Alfred-Arthur Brunel de Neuville was a French painter born on December 8, 1852, in Paris. He was known mainly for his paintings of still life and animals, especially cats. He received artistic tuition from his father, Léon Brunel, a well-known artist. Brunel de Neuville made his debut at the Paris Salon in 1879 with a still life of apples and grapes, and continued to exhibit there over a number of years. He adopted his wife's maiden name around 1881 and began signing his works Brunel Neuville. His first painting exhibited at the Paris Salon under this name was in 1883, entitled ‘Langouste’ (lobster). He began exhibiting at the Société des Artistes Français from 1889 and was later elected a member in 1907. In addition to still life paintings, Brunel de Neuville also became known for his paintings of animals, mainly cats. It is widely accepted that he painted under several pseudonyms including Florentin de Neuville and Laurence de Neuville. He passed away in Paris in 1941. His works can be found at the Beziers Museum, Brest Museum, Charles de Bruyères Chateau Thierry, Saint-Brieuc Museum and the Louviers Museum. His cultural impact is significant as he was a remarkable figure of French Realism, and his paintings of animals, especially cats, have been widely appreciated.